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Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment Pensions are driving a massive change into the area of payroll. RTI is the biggest change to PAYE since its inception in 1944 and is being introduced to improve the operation of PAYE by providing HMRC with up to date information on employees and it will also help support the introduction of Universal Credits.


HMRC: "Employers and pension providers will be required to report PAYE information in real time 'on or before' payment is made to employees or pensioners for the vast majority of payments that they make".


From April 2013 RTI will affect all employers who operate a PAYE UK payroll. Employers will have to re-evaluate their process, and increase their payroll skill set.

Alternatively, firms can decide to outsource their payroll to an expert service provider, confident in the knowledge that their Payroll will receive a service the equal, if not an improvement to existing procedures. Expert advice, modern IT systems and a bureau, experienced in the provision of payroll, will result in firms being able to focus on utilising their time on more important core activities.


DCS Payroll Agency has been providing a full manage payroll outsource solution since 1994 and have been in the HMRC RTI pilot since May 2012 and are also currently reviewing Auto Enrolment and the support required from payroll to assist employers to comply. Regardless of the issue, DCS Payroll can now take care of everything, leaving you to get on with more profitable business.

All of our staff are trained and qualified to complete your payroll in a highly professional manner and more importantly, to ensure that you enjoy the best possible standards of service and are left with the confidence that your payroll is in the best of hands.

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